Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 Steps to Easily Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Automated blog promotion is not as complicated as it might sound. Following these five simple steps can quickly increase traffic to your blog. And once its setup – it won't take any time or cost any money.

Here's what happens: Every time you post a new blog, your RSS feed picks up the new content. It then automatically creates a tweet about it, and sends it out through HootSuite. And the traffic is measured and tracked.

If you have only a small following on Twitter, you may consider using a tool like TweetAdder to build your following.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 Minutes
Here's How:

1. Setup a free account with HootSuite.

Visit Hootsuite.com. Click on "Sign Up Now" and fill out the basic signup form.
2. Add your Twitter account to your Hootsuite account

Click on the Dashboard button. Then click on Settings, Social Networks, and finally Add Social Network. Choose Twitter, then Connect with Twitter. This links your Hootsuite and Twitter accounts.
3. Find the RSS feed of your blog.

RSS Feed is a link of published content from your blog. How to find an RSS feed. Once you find it, select it and copy it (Ctrl+C) to the clipboard.
4. Link your RSS blog feed to your twitter account

Under your Hootsuite Dashboard, click on Settings, then RSS / Atom Feeds, and finally Add New Feed.

A very simple form comes up. You'll want to paste (Ctrl+P) the RSS feed into the box: Feed URL The next settings are personal preference. If you post to your blog more than once per day, then you may want to make it check frequently, maybe every hour.
5. Customize Your Auto-Tweets

In the "When new posts are found, tweet up to" option, it's most effective to post one at a time.

In the final option, it may also be useful to add some "Prepend Text" which introduces the content. Something simple like "New Blog Post" will differentiate this tweet from your other tweets.

Choose which profile to send from.

And click "Save Feed". And that’s it. The next time you post your blog, you'll also automatically tweet about it.