Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dating Russian women - why do single Russian women search for a partner abroad?

Finding love and happiness with online dating is a gamble. Find out why single Russian women are raising the stakes... and why you might win the jackpot...
Most people question the motives of Russian women looking for marriage-minded men abroad. "Are these women for real?" They ask. Or are these single Russian women after money and an immigration status? You may wonder why so many beautiful, young Russian women, with careers and educations, are still looking to start a family early on. It's certainly a natural question: why are
Russian women looking for a foreign husband? Surely, if they really have conservative values and want families, there are plenty of Russian men available who share, not only these values, but the cultural heritage as well.
The reality is quite different. Whilst the reasons of no two women are exactly the same, many single Russian women express frustration with their male counterparts. A Russian woman who's dating may complain that Russian men are too laid back and irresponsible to be good husbands and fathers. To have a family and provide security, it is essential for both partners to be committed and hard-working. Most American males have a very strong work-ethic; many are workaholics for the benefit of their families, which Russian women find very appealing.
Workaholics and Russian women homebodies: a perfect match?
Most people, including
Russian dating women, conscious of the difference in mentality and dating behavior between men and women will probably point out that seemingly career or work-orientated men are actually family-orientated. According to a typical man's reasoning, the best thing a man can do for his family is be the provider and protector. In the modern world, that means he becomes the money-maker. European ladies tend to be able to balance; to maintain their careers and still keep their family as their focus. Probably contributing to the extremely high divorce rate, is the reality that American women cannot seem to grasp: American men are working for their families. They want a partner to do the same; not to the exclusion of a career, but there should be no question about family being the first priority overall.
So, are those single Russian women and American men currently dating a perfect match? A lot of Russian women dating their American counterparts seem to think so. There are hundreds of reputable websites devoted to Russian dating services for marriage-minded Western men, and the divorce rate for American and Russian marriages is only 6%! Go figure!